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Charity Funding

Charity Funding

Charity funding is the lifeblood of most not-for-profit and voluntary sector organisations. As government contracts and wider funding opportunities have been restrictive in the past few years, grant making trusts’ charitable giving have increased 20% over the same period. There are various reasons for this growth, however if any charity requires additional funding then diversifying into grant making trusts should be a priority.

Community funding opportunities are a very attractive proposition for any trust looking to support local voluntary sector groups as most trustees have local issues at heart. Most grant making trusts do not support national fundraising bodies as donations and grants given to them do not make the same kind of impact as when they are given to local charities.

Reasons to apply to a grant making trust

1. Trusts support charities and not-for-profit organisations. They are not interested in targets, priorities or delivery, only projects and what the organisation does. Don’t forget: most trusts are also charities themselves, and not local authority departments.

2. Organisations seeking funding only need to either fill out a short grant application form or write a letter to secure support. Ninety-nine per cent of these trusts will not seek meetings, accounts or additional information providing you have included all the salient facts about your charity in the original communication.

3. Again, grant making trusts donate monies or give money as a grant to support you. These types of charities were set up to support community organisations in the first place.

4. There is usually no minimum amount to apply for, but understanding the trust from whom you are seeking funding is imperitive. Obviously asking for £10,000 of funding when the grant making trust only offers £200 per organisation could be counter-productive.

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